Thank you to our volunteers!

As the St Helens Through The Lens project nears completion, we must highlight the invaluable assistance of the dedicated volunteers and the efforts they have put in on this project.

When the project started, we had over 3000 unsorted, undocumented digitised images and over 3000 unsorted fragile glass plate negatives.  The first task was to go through each of the digitised images, describing, listing and sorting them as well as then researching images, identifying people and locations featured in the images.


Volunteers sorting digitised images

Next, it was time to start the process of sorting through the physical negatives, ensuring each negative matched up to the corresponding digital image.

The volunteers were dedicated in the enormous task of rehousing each of the of the 3564 glass plate and film negatives into new archival standard enclosures.


Volunteers rehousing glass plate negatives

All negatives from the Geoff Williams Photography Collection have now been transferred into new envelopes and boxes and kept in conditions best suited to preserve them for the future.  They have been made accessible; digitised, described and sorted, now fully catalogued and searchable online.



Project volunteer Rita James and Project Archivist Victoria Brokenshire with the rehoused negatives of the Geoff Williams Photography Collection.


The project volunteers have successfully described and identified over 3000 locally important images; helping to make them accessible now and preserving them for the future.  Thanks again Rita James, Val Wilson, Judith Service, Dianna Heywood, Sharon Lowe and Pam Grey.







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