Inspiring young photographers

As part of the HLF supported St Helens Through The Lens project, artist Debbie Adele Cooper has used the 1950s George Street Photography Collection to inspire A Level Photography students from Carmel College.  Debbie discussed her work on this project as well as introducing them to the work she has produced in response to other archive collections.

Kevin Crooks - Carmel College 3

Inspiring young minds with old techniques

The students were introduced to various items of photographic history, including glass plates, tintypes, 35mm slides, cyanotypes, photo etching plates, pinhole cameras, chemigrams and instant film.  Debbie commented “photography is a relativity young medium that has changed so much over the last 160 years; it was great to inspire these young artists to explore other techniques and styles of photography”

Kevin Crooks - Carmel College 2

Debbie discusses various methods of photography

Debbie also admitted to being inspired by the students herself, “many of the students shared their photography and film work with me, it was inspiring to see the quality of work they are producing at Carmel College, and I look forward to seeing what work they make for their end of course exhibition.”

Kevin Crooks, Head of Photography at Carmel College remarked that, “it was really helpful for our Photography students to see how a local photographic archive is being used and responded to. The techniques and processes that Debbie went through have provided our students with a range of ideas that can be used to creatively develop their own photography. Debbie also provided inspirational advice about working as a practicing professional photographer and how to potentially secure their own creative commissions.”

Kevin Crooks - Carmel College 1

Instant film photograph of Kevin Crooks with students

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