A trip to Paris in the 1950s

In the George Street Photography Collection, around 800 images are passport pictures or studio portraits.  It has been intriguing to imagine why the passport photographs were taken and where the subject might be going.

We were delighted to find out the story behind two of the photographs when some recent visitors to Central Library recognised their relatives.  Josephine Dolan and Eileen Isherwood were an aunt and niece who won a raffle with the Rotary Club, and the prize was a trip for two to Paris.  This was around 1955 and would be their first holiday abroad, so they visited Central Studios to have their passport pictures taken.

Paris in the 1950s was a bohemian city of romance and adventure, and must have felt a million miles away from St Helens.


Audrey Hepburn in Paris filming Funny Face (1957)

Parisian fashions, shops, restaurants and streets would have been memorable sights.  Josephine and Eileen might have enjoyed a boat trip on the Seine or may have been enthralled by the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Moulin Rouge and of course the Eiffel Tower

Many thanks to Barbara and Jillian for providing information about the photographs of Josephine Dolan and Eileen Isherwood.

Do you have a relative who might have had a passport picture or portrait taken at Central Studios in the 1950s? Check the gallery or visit St Helens Central Library to see if you recognise anyone.


Display of unknown portraits at Central Library

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