Blind factory worker at Ashdowns Ltd, St Helens

In the George Street Photography Collection, a selection of photographs titled Triplex Blind Worker have been uncovered.  Although it is not known who the gentleman is, it is incredible to imagine how skilled he must have been to work machinery without sight.

In the photographs, it is apparent that the gentleman was working at Ashdowns Ltd, a plastic manufacturer and subsidiary of the glass company Triplex.  The photos are from the mid 1950s, however Ashdowns had been a subsidiary of  Pilkington Bros and Triplex since the 1930s.  Ashdowns was actually originally acquired to safeguard Pilkington interests, in case the transparent material perspex became a substitute for safety glass, however the factory continued to produce plastics for a variety of uses.


Views of Ashdowns Ltd, 1950s

Ashdowns was located on the same site as Triplex in Eccleston, St Helens.  With the entrance off Knowsley Road.

1039_Triplex_Entrance_03 1.jpg

Entrance to Ashdowns & Triplex, Knowsley Road, 1950s

The factory manufactured plastics for industrial use such as the piping seen below as well as producing plastics used in everyday items, such as the moulded plastic interiors of fridges and other household appliances.


Pipes, Ashdown Ltd, 1950s

Did you work at Ashdowns or know people who did?  If you have any stories to share please get in touch or comment below.


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