Who Are You? Gallery Part 1

Can you help us put a name to these faces?

The George Street Photography Collection is made up of over 3000 digitised glass plate negatives.  Most of the negatives were stored in individual paper envelopes, providing a reference number and sometimes the names of individuals or places depicted in the image.  Unfortunately there are some negatives that have no accompanying information.  This is the first set of these images.

Were you living in or around St Helens in the 1950s or know people who were?  Do you recognise anyone?  Can you help us to fill in the blanks?  Please look through the gallery and get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page to help us put names to the faces.

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Look out for Gallery Part 2 coming soon.  To contact the St Helens Through The Lens project:

One thought on “Who Are You? Gallery Part 1

  1. Hi Victoria,
    This is, I think, Tony Cuff. Tony would be about 78 now. He lived at the top of Chain Lane in Blackbrook and attended Blackbrook School. I think Tony passed away a couple of years ago. I recognize the next lad, but cannot put a name to him.


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