Pop-Up Portraits from the past!

As part of Heritage Open Days on the 9th & 10th September and again at St Helens Interactive Digital (SHINDIG) showcase on the 26th October, we decided to host an activity using green screen or ‘chroma key’ technology.  The Pop Up Portrait Studio aimed to give participants the opportunity to engage with the collection and the feeling of being in a photographers studio while using modern technology to create new portraits.

Firstly, the participants chose a background to be photographed in.  The following image is from the George Street Photography collection, showing the studio at 16 George Street (the original image shown below did have people in but these were digitally removed).


Once participants had chosen a background, they were photographed in front of a green screen.  Including green paper on the floor meant that it would be possible to make people look that they were part of the image, rather than their photo being on top of the image.


The images were then completed by replacing the green areas with the chosen background.  Completing the images can be done by uploading images onto a computer and editing them on image editing software, or alternatively by taking the photos on a tablet and using an app to instantly convert the image.

A gallery of the portraits can be seen below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank you to all our participants for taking part!

“You would think I was there! :)”
“Thank you! The picture looks great and we had fun taking it.”

There are more exciting events and workshops coming up, please visit our events page to find out more.


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